Who We Are?

The Federation Global Initiative on Psychiatry (FGIP) goes back to 1980 when it started as a volunteer human rights organization with the goal to end the incarceration of dissidents in psychiatric hospitals under the name International Association on the Political Use of Psychiatry (IAPUP).

Over the years, the FGIP has developed a large network of contacts, allies and friends all around the word that are close to its cause to promote human and ethical mental health care for all. Thanks to this network of individuals from the health and from the legal profession, bureaucrats, national and international policy makers, opinion makers, donors and persons with lived experiences, the FGIP was able to stay a lean and highly flexible organization and to continuously adapt its identity and work to sustainably protect the rights of those living with mental health challenges, first in Central & Eastern Europe, and then globally

Today, 45 years later, the FGIP serves as umbrella organization for its independent member organizations , with its own focus and program. Each of its members are pursuing their own missions to bring ethical and humane mental health care to those who receive, and those who deliver.

The federation itself has placed the upholding of human rights in the mental health sector for underserved communities, such as victims of state repression (such as human rights defenders, activists) and war (civilians and the military) or people living in closed environments (such as prisons or detention centers) and their immediate surroundings in the center of its work. We fill the gap in areas and for people who have nobody else to stand up for their rights

Our Story


Founded as the International Association on the Political Use of Psychiatry (IAPUP), a volunteer human rights organization aiming to end the incarceration of dissidents in psychiatric hospitals.


Soviet psychiatric association admitted to systematic abuse and promised to release political prisoners during the World Psychiatric Association congress.


Led the global campaign against the abuse of psychiatry in the former Soviet Union (USSR).


Renamed the Geneva Initiative on Psychiatry, later Global Initiative on Psychiatry (GIP).


Incubated numerous national psychiatric associations.


Founded the Network of Reformers in Psychiatry.


Regularly organized Regional and World Congresses of the World Psychiatric Association.


Trained thousands of mental health professionals across various countries.


Established a publishing house to disseminate modern mental health care literature in Eastern Europe.


Initiated reform processes in Central & Eastern Europe’s mental health profession.


Initiated reform processes for psychiatric hospitals in Sri Lanka.


Developed mobile psychiatric care teams for remote communities in Sierra Leone.


Opened nine Expert Centers on Mental Health in the Caucasus and Central Asia.


Established independent mental health organizations in Bulgaria, Georgia, and Lithuania.


Promoted a new approach to mental health care focused on community integration.


Became a federation uniting independent member organizations across several countries.


Prioritized rehabilitation, trauma care, and addressing psychiatric abuse for underserved populations.

2015 onwards

Conducted assessments of social care homes, prison mental health care services, and forensic psychiatry worldwide.

2015 onwards

Developed programs to combat social isolation due to COVID-19.

2015 onwards

Launched social media campaigns against mental health stigma for Ukrainian and Russian speakers.

2015 onwards

Created online mental health and trauma support programs for victims of state abuse and violent conflict.


Leading the Veteran Mental Resilience Center of Excellence in cooperation with Taras Shevchenko National University and Kings College.


Continues to advocate for ethical mental health care and against psychiatric abuse in Russia.

Our values

Everything we do is based on the deeply enshrined values of the FGIP and all its member organizations. They are guided by the principle that all people have dignity by themselves regardless of their capacity:


We acknowledge the inherent worth and dignity of every individual.


We believe in the reliability, integrity, and competence of individuals involved in promoting mental health related human rights and care.


We advocate for equitable access, participation, and representation of all individuals in decision-making processes and society at large and we ourselves always include people with lived experience in our work.


We recognize and honor the fundamental rights, needs, and dignity of every person and are grounded in empathy and compassion.


We build genuine connections and supportive relationships within FGIP that provide comfort, understanding, and encouragement to those involved, fostering a sense of belonging and solidarity.


We advocate against oppressive and coercive practices that infringe upon the rights, autonomy, and dignity of concerned individuals, promoting democratic and participatory approaches instead.

Our Team

Our core team consists of a group of engaged individuals who are deeply committed to the fulfillment of our mission and the accomplishment of our vision. They are supported by a large number of volunteers and allies without whom the FGIP would not be the organization it is today, including the Directors of the FGIP member organisations.