Humane, Ethical, and Effective Mental Health Care Worldwide

We fill the gap in areas and for people who have nobody else to stand up for their rights.

The Federation Global Initiative on Psychiatry

(FGIP) is a renown international organization working at the intersection of human rights and mental health. 

Together with our member organisations, we


For a humane and ethical approach to mental health that respects and protects the rights of all persons with mental health challenges.


To bridge the gap where the right to mental health is neglected or abused. 


Knowledge, experience and best practices on how to protect the rights of persons with mental health challenges.


On behalf of those who are victims of gross human rights violations due to abuses and misuse in mental health.

Whilst each
of our members undertakes

their own activities and programs in their country and region, the federation itself plays an international role in promoting best practices, initiating seed projects, countering abuses, and connecting and growing the network.

We have placed the upholding of human rights in the mental health sector for underserved communities, such as victims of state repression and war or people living in closed environments and their immediate surroundings in the center of its work. 

Caring, educating, and finding solutions.

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