Our Board

The FGIP Board is a supervisory Board and composed of like-minded individuals that have been strategically chosen for their professional background and ability to support FGIP’s role. The FGIP Board meets once per year, while the Executive Committee, comprised of selected Board members, meets three times per year.

General Board Members:


George Szmukler UK

Past Chairpersons

Graham Thornicroft UK 

Vanessa Cameron UK 


Nicole Votruba


Arjan Pronk NL 


Manana Gabashvili GEO 

Rob Keukens NL 

Tatjana Gurova LT 

Borislav Milev BG 

Charlene Sunkel SA 

Carmen Andreescu USA 

Marianne Schultze

Shehan Williams LK 

Mahesan Ganesan LK 

Florian Irminger CH 

Petr Winkler CZ 

Olena Protsenko UA